Article on Nick Boles generates interesting response

Since my article in last week’s Journal was published, I have received an interesting response from some of my twitter followers. Below are a selection of quotes received: “Good article… Little point having local MP’s if they don’t fairly represent their local communities” “Top Column. Boles is using his seat for other things and not for his constituents” “If thin air was the Tory candidate in this constituency, it would still win. No wonder Nick Boles doesn’t represent Grantham”. “Great article… Hate the fact that Nick Boles was dumped on us just because it’s ‘safe’ in Grantham. Should add I’m … Continue reading Article on Nick Boles generates interesting response

Why Nick Boles does not represent us.

Here is my latest column in the Grantham Journal (published 6th April 2012): “After reading Nick Boles’ comments about the Budget, I am starting to believe that he is just as out of touch as his Cabinet Colleagues. For starters, he says the Budget will help “deal with the country’s deficit and kick-start growth. His government has had nearly two years to kick-start growth, yet the country continues to zig zag between growth and contraction. There are no major steps within this budget that will change that. Quite the opposite in fact. As any economist will say, the one thing that … Continue reading Why Nick Boles does not represent us.

Is SKDC a byword for scrutiny?

Chairman of South Kesteven District Council, Cllr. Mike Cook, this week tried to dismiss genuine questions over the openness and accountability of the council as saying the machinery is already there.  Since the district elections the Labour Group on the council has been doing stirring work not only for their wards but also for the council as a whole, by laying down motions and asking questions of the people who lead the council.  However, what they have consistently faced is an overwhelming apathy on behalf of the Conservative Party towards providing true accountability to the people of the district.  In … Continue reading Is SKDC a byword for scrutiny?

Lincolnshire County Council is splashing the cash

Last week saw the revelation that Lincolnshire County Council had splashed out £22,000 for taxis to ferry three students to college. £22,000! A figure that the Taxpayers Alliance calls “not value for taxpayer’s money”. Not exactly a strong condemnation but at least a rebuke. This figure equates to £125 per day for a 100 mile round trip. To defend this spend, Cllr. Patricia Bradwell said that because they live in a rural community they “don’t have a good system of buses”. This is the responsibility of herself and her council colleagues to ensure that the rural communities are connected. There is … Continue reading Lincolnshire County Council is splashing the cash

Lincolnshire County Council to set aside £30m for Grantham Relief Road

On the 7th of February, the executive of Lincolnshire County Council will be given a budget proposal. This proposal has been out in the public domain for a few weeks to gather comments from the public. These comments will then be forwarded to the Executive to help them make a decision on whether they should accept this proposal. All fine so far. However, what is surprising is a small bullet point, tucked away at the back of the report on page 9 under “Capital Programme”. This bullet point reads: Grantham Southern Relief Road (2013/14 to 2016/17) at £30m So, with … Continue reading Lincolnshire County Council to set aside £30m for Grantham Relief Road

How to spend your money?

It’s that time of year again. Resolutions are being arduously stuck to, or completely forgotten about depending on your disposition. Pay day is about a week away for most, making today potentially the first depressing day of the year. It is also the time when the powers at be are feverishly putting the final touches to their budgets for the coming years and look to demonstrate to the public their priorities when spending your hard-earned tax-pennies. Now Lincolnshire County Council has put out its budget proposals, and more on those in another post. However when you click on the link you are … Continue reading How to spend your money?