Is SKDC a byword for scrutiny?

Chairman of South Kesteven District Council, Cllr. Mike Cook, this week tried to dismiss genuine questions over the openness and accountability of the council as saying the machinery is already there.  Since the district elections the Labour Group on the council has been doing stirring work not only for their wards but also for the council as a whole, by laying down motions and asking questions of the people who lead the council.  However, what they have consistently faced is an overwhelming apathy on behalf of the Conservative Party towards providing true accountability to the people of the district.  In … Continue reading Is SKDC a byword for scrutiny?

How to spend your money?

It’s that time of year again. Resolutions are being arduously stuck to, or completely forgotten about depending on your disposition. Pay day is about a week away for most, making today potentially the first depressing day of the year. It is also the time when the powers at be are feverishly putting the final touches to their budgets for the coming years and look to demonstrate to the public their priorities when spending your hard-earned tax-pennies. Now Lincolnshire County Council has put out its budget proposals, and more on those in another post. However when you click on the link you are … Continue reading How to spend your money?

Mary Portas – Recommendations for our high street

So what do we make of the Mary Portas report on the state of the UK high street? The BBC have reported on it quite extensively today: In the report Mary Portas make 28 recommendations on how the high street can change, how local authorities can play a part in that change, and how the public should make use of your high street. The last part of my sentence is the key aspect, the high street is your high street. You are the person whom the shop keepers would like to relieve of their money, and the choices you … Continue reading Mary Portas – Recommendations for our high street

Grantham Regeneration

Over the last few weeks, I have been writing in the Grantham Journal about how I feel South Kesteven District Council could change their strategy to encourage more investment into Grantham. Finally after a couple of weeks, there has been a response from the portfolio holder, Cllr. Frances Cartwright. Cllr. Cartwright feels that the Grantham Area Action Plan (GAAP), in its current form, is the best long-term strategy for the town. Seemingly backed up by public opinion through a consultation held earlier in the year, Cllr. Cartwright is confident that the GAAP will deliver the investment and regeneration that Grantham so desperately needs. … Continue reading Grantham Regeneration