Language lessons paid for by the Taxpayer

Last week saw the unwelcome news that our MP, Nick Boles had received Hebrew lessons and has charged them to you & me (aka the tax payer). Originally reported in the Mirror, and then subsequently in the Mail, Nick, along with numerous others, had received these lessons, and links were drawn with the fact that his partner, Shay Meshulem, is Israeli. The fund used to pay for these lessons is supposed to be used for when language lessons are required for an MP to conduct their “parliamentary duties”. I, for one, am struggling to see how being an MP for … Continue reading Language lessons paid for by the Taxpayer

My Grantham Journal columns (published 13th & 27th July 2012)

Published 13th July 2012 This week I had the “pleasure” of watching our MP, Nick Boles on Newsnight, giving a preview of a speech to be delivered at the Resolution Foundation. Now this is where Nick thinks he excels. He was a key player in drawing up the Conservative manifesto for the General election in 2010, and has been at the forefront of Conservative policy formation since he co-founded Policy Exchange. However, on this occasion, he has outdone himself. He announced to great fanfare a series of cuts in spending that he feels are necessary not only to reduce the … Continue reading My Grantham Journal columns (published 13th & 27th July 2012)

Article on Nick Boles generates interesting response

Since my article in last week’s Journal was published, I have received an interesting response from some of my twitter followers. Below are a selection of quotes received: “Good article… Little point having local MP’s if they don’t fairly represent their local communities” “Top Column. Boles is using his seat for other things and not for his constituents” “If thin air was the Tory candidate in this constituency, it would still win. No wonder Nick Boles doesn’t represent Grantham”. “Great article… Hate the fact that Nick Boles was dumped on us just because it’s ‘safe’ in Grantham. Should add I’m … Continue reading Article on Nick Boles generates interesting response

Why Nick Boles does not represent us.

Here is my latest column in the Grantham Journal (published 6th April 2012): “After reading Nick Boles’ comments about the Budget, I am starting to believe that he is just as out of touch as his Cabinet Colleagues. For starters, he says the Budget will help “deal with the country’s deficit and kick-start growth. His government has had nearly two years to kick-start growth, yet the country continues to zig zag between growth and contraction. There are no major steps within this budget that will change that. Quite the opposite in fact. As any economist will say, the one thing that … Continue reading Why Nick Boles does not represent us.

Nick Boles, PMQ’s and overstating statistics

So Nick Boles MP popped up at the end of Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday and asked “Does the prime minister think that it is OK for people to receive over £100,000 in housing benefit alone”? Louise Mench MP immediately shouted “Shame, Shame” with all the right-wing vigour of a populist Daily Mail reader. Now this figure is very eye-catching. As George Osboure MP found out in June 2010, Theresa May MP found out in November 2010 and Grant Shapps MP found out in December 2010 there is a lot of political mileage in a figure like this, as it gives the impression that … Continue reading Nick Boles, PMQ’s and overstating statistics