Anders Breivik determined sane

I read the attached article today and it brought me back to an article I had first written in the Grantham Journal about a week after the attacks. This tragic event was shocking for me, and words can not express what the families of the victims must be feeling. But it must be right for them to see the self-confessed perpetrator of these attacks stand trial. It must also be right that he should not hide behind such a subjective concept as insanity, when it is the ideology that needs to be confronted. I will be watching this trial with … Continue reading Anders Breivik determined sane

Careful… your ideology is showing

The Grantham Journal made for interesting reading this week.  Lots of local stories, concerns over bus routes and controversy over disabled parking amongst other things. However, what stood out for me most was the sudden outburst from Cllr. Richard Davies, Conservative County Councillor for Grantham North-West. For those that have not had a chance to read it, you can read it here. Cllr. Davies is attempting to blame the recent riots on a culture of dependency that he feels is “destroying Britain”. This is from the same logic that says that all rioters should face eviction from their council house, … Continue reading Careful… your ideology is showing