The Academies Show in London

Today, I took myself off to London to go to the Academies Show with a couple of colleagues to take a look at what is involved in the Academy business and if any answers can be found over whether conversion is a good thing or not. It has always been my opinion that there needs to be a compelling argument to change for a school to make the leap from the local authority to become an academy. A simple financial incentive is not enough for me. I need to be convinced that the education of the children will be inexorably … Continue reading The Academies Show in London

Let’s code like it is 1989

Information technology classes were a wonderful thing for me when I was a child. In 1989 I turned twelve. BBC masters were the school computer of choice (at my school anyway) and BASIC was the programming language. In my IT classes I first learned how to code, I discovered gaming (not just playing, but making), I discovered the rudimentary concepts behind hacking as well as working on the wordprocessing software of the day. It also started my love affair with tech, which is still going strong 22 years later. Many of my friends that I grew up with went on … Continue reading Let’s code like it is 1989