Public Service? Pah! Doesn’t pay enough…

Recently we have seen another local MP standing down due to the pressures of the job. Apparently, Mark Simmonds felt that his ministerial pay, expenses and allowances was not enough to live on and had become an intolerable strain on his family life even though the taxpayer had help fund a £1m property. This obviously was not a concern when he reassured the prime minister that he was up to the job during the recent reshuffle. Also didn’t seem to factor into his decision making when discussing his work as an MP with the electorate of Boston & Skegness. However, … Continue reading Public Service? Pah! Doesn’t pay enough…

Tories fighting Tories in Lincolnshire

In response to my article in the Journal a couple of weeks ago, Cllr. Mike Taylor shows beautifully why there is such inconsistency across the administrations of Lincolnshire. The county councillors are the people pushing for unitary authority status, against the wishes of those at district level. Cllr. Taylor still insists that he is against a town council but recognises the need for it if the county council were to vote for unitary status. As always, he fails to recognise the big picture. Unitary status achieved years ago would have led to significant cost savings year on year. Grantham Town … Continue reading Tories fighting Tories in Lincolnshire

Tories claiming credit but taking no responsibility

This week has shown our Tory MP claiming credit for bringing the bypass dream for Grantham a step closer with a £16m cheque from the Treasury. What Boles fails to mention is the fact we are still talking about … Continue reading Tories claiming credit but taking no responsibility

I forgot I had a blog

Indeed, for a while I did forget I had a blog. More accurately, I forgot the reason why I had a blog. After so much that has happened to me over the last year I felt that expressing my thoughts in the medium was indulgent and not required. I even stopped writing my Journal column. However, recent events have forced my hand. Issues in local politics, with local politicians combined with the national arena have left me shouting at the newspaper and the TV far too often. I miss spouting off and expressing my opinion. So here is my return, … Continue reading I forgot I had a blog

Apologies for roadworks over running, however he was warned in July.

Cllr. Richard Davies this weekend apologised for further overrunning of the already delayed Springfield Road junction works in Grantham. In his apology, Cllr. Davies admits to mistakes by the planning teams and promises that lessons will be learned so this does not happen again. However, if I take you back to the middle of July when the road works were about to be opened, you will see a discussion between Cllr. Davies and members of the public, including myself, which warned him about the potential of this sort of delay. The discussion was wide ranging and centred around feasibility studies … Continue reading Apologies for roadworks over running, however he was warned in July.

Thanks to everyone who supported me.

So the counting is over, the results have been verified, and Cllr. Richard Davies has been returned for another four years. I would like to personally congratulate Richard on his success. The residents of Grantham North West have entrusted him with another four years. On a personal note, on what has been an extremely tough month for me, I would like to thank all who helped me with the campaign and everyone who came out to support me on election day. We increased our share of the vote from 10% in 2009 to 36.6% yesterday. I’m very glad I got … Continue reading Thanks to everyone who supported me.