Why do grey votes matter?

The last few days have seen an increased focus on the votes of the over 65s by all the main parties. Lots of promises, manifesto pledges and whimsical foretelling’s of what life will be like for the older generation with the prospects of Brexit being a cause for concern. So why focus on the older generation and why focus on them at this point in the campaign? Simply, older voters are much more likely to vote than 18-24 years olds. In a recent poll, 65% of over 65’s said they were intending to vote in the general election where that … Continue reading Why do grey votes matter?

Far from Strong & Stable

Teresa May has spent this week carefully stage managing her appearances. Re-wrapping the “Remain” bus with “strong & stable”. Force-feeding the British public with repetitive sound bites of strong and stable, strong leadership, deep and special partnership. Whilst I understand the strategic objective, it is hiding something that will concern most voters and her Conservative supporters too. Teresa May is not “strong & stable”; her leadership skills are not what she makes out to be; her negotiation skills make Neville Chamberlain look like a mastermind. Teresa May was coronated by her party and is now looking to hoodwink the British … Continue reading Far from Strong & Stable

Visiting Belton House

Today was the first time I had visited Belton House with my children. It was a gorgeous morning and perfect weather for wandering around this National Trust property. It was also another opportunity to get my camera out and see if I can produce some great snaps. As an amateur photographer, I treated myself to a Nikon SLR a few years ago and have been very happy with the results. Alongside some gorgeous pictures of my children which will stand the test of time I have captured some great photos of different places. Here are some from today: Such beautiful … Continue reading Visiting Belton House

EDL Protests in Lincoln

Today saw more protests in Lincolnshire from the ever charming EDL.    As always fear mongering is popular but it was reassuring to see a counter protest saying that they will not bow down to fear. I applaud them and I stand with them. Grantham had it’s own protest over a year ago. There was a counter protest and there was this chap who summed up my feelings about the EDL and their ilk. Continue reading EDL Protests in Lincoln