Far from Strong & Stable

Teresa May has spent this week carefully stage managing her appearances. Re-wrapping the “Remain” bus with “strong & stable”. Force-feeding the British public with repetitive sound bites of strong and stable, strong leadership, deep and special partnership. Whilst I understand the strategic objective, it is hiding something that will concern most voters and her Conservative supporters too.


Teresa May is not “strong & stable”; her leadership skills are not what she makes out to be; her negotiation skills make Neville Chamberlain look like a mastermind. Teresa May was coronated by her party and is now looking to hoodwink the British people.

I shall unpack this for you.

Under Teresa May’s leadership, the Home Office lost 114 files pertaining to criminal paedophile activity in Westminster. The Home Office developed and implemented a wildly racist illegal immigrant poster campaign. Teresa May hung the head of the UK border force out to dry for her authorising the relaxation of border controls. Teresa May wanted OFCOM to have the power to vet British TV programmes before they were broadcast (a terrifying portent of state censorship). The Institute of Directors once described her stance on immigration as “nonsense” and accused her of vilifying migrants.


Teresa May has also shown she cannot be trusted at her word. First denying that she wanted to be leader then standing. Then repeatedly ruling out a General Election, then having one. Repeatedly stating that Brexit means Brexit (which doesn’t mean anything). Then deliberately stoking up an “us and them” environment over Brexit negotiations whilst supposedly wanting a “deep & special” relationship. Her leadership style can be described as inconsistent at best but can more accurately described as schizophrenic.

So, when you receive your “Strong Leadership” leaflet through for the General Election, make sure you do your research. If you want a leader who will tell you what you want to hear and then ignore you once they have their majority, then Teresa May is your Leader. You will not get someone who is looking out for you, you will not get someone who can lead a deeply divided cabinet. You will not get someone who has the best interests of you and the country at heart. You will get a self-serving, arrogant, incompetent failure in the very top job. After David Cameron, who would want another one?


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