The nation has spoken

So, today the nation has spoken and we have decided to leave the European Union. 

Personally I feel this is short sighted and against the ideals that brings out the best in our country. However the decision has been made. We now have to live with it and do the best we can in what is going to be a sustained period of instability and uncertainty. 

Does Britain have the capability of making the best of this? Absolutely. It won’t be the same relationship on the world stage that I was hoping my children would see and their life chances will be challenged now but it seems that we are going to have to pull up our socks and work even harder. 

I believe in a world that is united, working together for the greater purpose of delivering success and prosperity for the human race. The divisions that have been created are damaging. The ideology that has been shown has been positively reinforced and emboldened. It is now time for a positive view of the world to repair the damage that will continue to be caused by the newly emboldened Farage, Johnson and the nationalists. 

A fire has been relit and that will continue to burn whilst protectionism and insular thinking is the predominant ideology.



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