Public Service? Pah! Doesn’t pay enough…

Recently we have seen another local MP standing down due to the pressures of the job.

Apparently, Mark Simmonds felt that his ministerial pay, expenses and allowances was not enough to live on and had become an intolerable strain on his family life even though the taxpayer had help fund a £1m property.

This obviously was not a concern when he reassured the prime minister that he was up to the job during the recent reshuffle. Also didn’t seem to factor into his decision making when discussing his work as an MP with the electorate of Boston & Skegness.

However, is there bigger factors at play here? Is there a real threat to the Lincolnshire Conservatives from the UKIP surge? Is this seat lined up for Boris? And who will replace him as the candidate.

Local Tory voices are talking up the chances of Lincolnshire County Councillor Kelly Smith, the candidate who was a distant second in the Louth & Horncastle selection process to a central office preferred candidate.

However my bets are on a more high profile candidate already preselected by the Tory hierarchy. Not Boris though. He gets a nosebleed when he ventures north of Watford.

I just hope the candidate is honest enough to the local electorate to admit upfront if they are not prepared to survive on the measly ministerial pay and taxpayer funded perks that come with the honour of a Tory safe seat.


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