Tories fighting Tories in Lincolnshire

In response to my article in the Journal a couple of weeks ago, Cllr. Mike Taylor shows beautifully why there is such inconsistency across the administrations of Lincolnshire.

The county councillors are the people pushing for unitary authority status, against the wishes of those at district level. Cllr. Taylor still insists that he is against a town council but recognises the need for it if the county council were to vote for unitary status.

As always, he fails to recognise the big picture. Unitary status achieved years ago would have led to significant cost savings year on year. Grantham Town Council could have been re-born and the Grantham people would have been benefiting from a closer connection to their elected representatives.
However, due to the division within the administrations at county and district levels, different priorities are being played out. There is a struggle for power and the old guard at district level are losing their grip.

Cllr. Taylor asks me who is feeding me this information and I would suggest that he looks closer to home before he starts throwing stones.


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