Tories claiming credit but taking no responsibility

This week has shown our Tory MP claiming credit for bringing the bypass dream for Grantham a step closer with a £16m cheque from the Treasury.

What Boles fails to mention is the fact we are still talking about a bypass dream in Grantham is because of the aforementioned Tory administration’s procrastination, abdication of responsibility and complete ineptitude in securing funding to complete the project.


The bypass has been in the planning stage for at least 70 years and no one has seen it come to fruition. It has taken so long to get this far that the public are now calling into question the need for a bypass as other priorities are being highlighted.

My concern, as it always has been, is that announcements such as this are politically motivated and not for the benefit of the project. Given the Conservatives track record of poor planing submissions (Lincoln Eastern Bypass), questionable economic development plans (Grantham Area Action Plan) and evaporating local support for their party and their MP (local high ranking Tories failing to vote in support of the adoption of Boles as their candidate), I question anything that this group says they can achieve.

I support the concept of the bypass, I call into question the ability of the current team to make it a success.


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