I forgot I had a blog

Indeed, for a while I did forget I had a blog.

More accurately, I forgot the reason why I had a blog. After so much that has happened to me over the last year I felt that expressing my thoughts in the medium was indulgent and not required. I even stopped writing my Journal column.

However, recent events have forced my hand. Issues in local politics, with local politicians combined with the national arena have left me shouting at the newspaper and the TV far too often.

I miss spouting off and expressing my opinion. So here is my return, I self indulgent and vague rant that will lead to more cohesive thoughts.

However, here is my thought for this evening as I read the news that Dennis Skinner has been voted off the NEC. Dennis represents a significant proportion of left wing thought. Even people who do not identify with the Labour Party respect his opinion and his viewpoints. Dismissing this is a dangerous game and is risking alienation of a sizeable subsection of the coalition of votes that we will need if we are to hold any hope of winning the next general election.

Leadership, please bear this in mind.


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