Tory agent: women MPs are ‘imbeciles’ who need a ‘good slap round the face’

Tory electoral agent and Parliamentary assistant in tirade.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tory Party!)

A Conservative electoral agent and parliamentary assistant to a Tory MP has attacked feminists on Facebook saying they ‘need a good slap round the face’.

Stewart Green – who is the parliamentary assistant to Conservative MP for Enfield Southgate David Burrowes and the electoral agent for Enfield Southgate Conservatives – also referred to women MPs as ‘cretinous’ ‘whinging imbeciles’.

Green wrote:

I am absolutely sick and tired of this feminism nonsense. It really has gone too far. Quite a few of these women need a good slap round the face.”

Here’s more detalied information from local newspaper North London Today:

Conservatives embroiled in new woman-hating Facebook row

Blimey. Do the Tories really think they can win the next election without the support of female voters?

I’m no expert on electoral strategy, but I’ve heard there are quite a few of them.


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