Apologies for roadworks over running, however he was warned in July.

Cllr. Richard Davies this weekend apologised for further overrunning of the already delayed Springfield Road junction works in Grantham.

In his apology, Cllr. Davies admits to mistakes by the planning teams and promises that lessons will be learned so this does not happen again.

However, if I take you back to the middle of July when the road works were about to be opened, you will see a discussion between Cllr. Davies and members of the public, including myself, which warned him about the potential of this sort of delay.

The discussion was wide ranging and centred around feasibility studies of night working to minimise the time the road works are in place. However this was met with a wall of arrogance by Cllr. Davies. In dismissing everyone’s concern, Cllr. Davies stuck to the line that costs needed to be minimised, even though this would be at the detriment to the hardworking individuals and businesses who simply wants to get through town to deliver their goods, to go to the shops, to spend their money.

Below are a few snapshots of this conversation which show what I mean:



So the question remains. Will LCC and Cllr. Davies learn their lessons over this debacle?


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