A few more thoughts on my campaign for Grantham North West

Today marks one more day of campaigning before we go to the polls for the Lincolnshire County Council elections.

For me, this has been an eye opening campaign. There has been lots of positive response to my message with many people I spoke to saying they would support me, even in areas of the division where I would not expect a lot of support.

It seems the people of Grantham North West feel that they want someone on the council who represents their needs, takes into account their views and gives them a genuine voice in Lincoln.

Key issues appear to be the state of the roads in Grantham, bringing back a vibrant town centre and ensuring our communities have the infrastructure needed to enable mobility and to support our young families.

For my part, I feel I would be the best representative that Grantham North West can have. I have plans to help bring communities together, working together to support each other and lobby for better services and infrastructure. I have plans to build relationships with key investors to improve technology, create jobs and bring back the vibrancy of the town centre. I have the skills to build relationships with key decision makers to reap the benefits for Grantham North West by helping to keep tax low, to prioritise key services for our children and young people and to maintain a cost effective council.

Throughout this campaign, I have explained why I would be the best councillor for Grantham North West and I have explained how I have managed to get where I am today. I recognise that for me to win this seat is a gargantuan task.

I had a telephone conversation yesterday with a resident of Winchester Road who took the time to call me to explain after reading my leaflet he would be making the journey on Thursday to his polling station to vote for me. He said he did not normally vote in local elections as he felt he could not make a difference, however he was struck by the honesty of my personal statement which explains to people the journey I have taken to be where I am today. He felt I have led a similar early life to him and understood my desire for change therefore felt empowered to help make that change.

I have had a number of similar conversations over the last four weeks where people feel they cannot really make a difference in local elections. In all these conversations I have encouraged people to use their vote and demonstrate their desire for change. A vote not used is a vote wasted and a confirmation of the status quo.

To finish, I have enjoyed the last few weeks campaigning and I have set out my stall for change. All that is left is a few more hours to spread my word across the division and then it is down to you.

I would like to thank for everyone who has supported my campaign, who agreed to appear on my leaflets, who helped me deliver to thousands of households and who have put me through my paces on the doorstep. I hope all this hard work has paid off and I am looking forward to the results tomorrow night.


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