Lucy Rigby supports my campaign for Grantham North West

Lucy Rigby, Parliamentary Candidate for Lincoln throws her support behind my campaign in Grantham North West to have true representation on Lincolnshire County Council.


Lucy says:

“David will make an excellent Councillor for the residents of Grantham North West. He’s hard-working and is genuinely passionate about his local community. He’s got the right skills, local knowledge and tenacity to represent people effectively and to achieve real results”.

I would like to thank Lucy for her kind words and assure the people of Grantham North West that I am ready and able to represent your division effectively, truly representing what your concerns and needs are, achieving tangible outcomes that will improve your communities and your quality of life.

In one week (2nd May) you will have your best opportunity to make a real difference for Grantham. The choice is clear. Four more years where the choices that are made take no account of your views or to take an opportunity to change the direction of your division with a Councillor who truly wants to know what you think and take action.


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