Margaret Thatcher, Grantham and what the future holds

Obviously, this week there has been an outpouring of grief, opinions and passion from the residents of Grantham after the passing of the town’s most famous daughter. World wide tributes were paid, Grantham Museum opened a book of condolence and the media descended on Grantham in an unprecedented, if not unexpected way.

Margaret Thatcher inspired admiration and revulsion in equal measure. Whatever your political persuasion, her achievements as a woman remain unmatched in UK politics. Her legacy is for much more qualified people to debate than I. I was two years old when she became Prime Minister, and thirteen when she left office. The impact of her politics was most keenly felt by my parent’s and grandparent’s generation. There is a growing groundswell of the population who have no reference to what that era was like.

I have given my opinion before on how Grantham should recognise Margaret Thatcher (see my BBC News interview here) and have written a previous article, however today I am much more interested in what the future holds for Grantham and the UK.

Thatcherism will always be a benchmark that modern Conservatives hold themselves to. Harking back to an age where they feel that the UK was born again. I believe that a new brand of political era should now be developed where your politicians can be enablers, mediators, constructive individuals that bring communities together to achieve greater goals. Where Thatcherism focused on the individual, I feel we should work towards a sense of community self-worth. Delivering on projects that make a real difference to the lives of everyone, from the vulnerable to the comfortable. Where everyone feels they can contribute to society, irrespective of their personal wealth or lifestyle.

I don’t want us to talk about the haves and the have-nots. I don’t feel it is necessary to stir up anger towards different sections of our communities. I feel it is important to come together to achieve a prosperous future for Grantham. A future without limits.


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