My Candidature for Grantham North West

On Friday, I handed my forms in to the office and had them validated, formally confirming that I am a candidate for Grantham Northwest in the upcoming Lincolnshire County Council elections.

I often leave it late, which doesn’t leave too much time for correcting any issues on the form, but the sense of relief on Friday when I received confirmation  was then overwhelmed by a significant sense of responsibility.

I later found out that I am in a two horse race. The first two horse race I have ever been in. Normally there has been a myriad of other candidates who are vying for votes, and political strategy becomes a game of A-Level maths against common sense. On this occasion, however, it is just me against the incumbent. “A straight bun fight” as one of my colleagues characterised it.

As a result, back to the numbers I went, revisiting a strategy that I had put in place after a great deal of work. This is going to be an exciting race.

In 2009, the Labour Party in Grantham took a severe kicking, forever changing the nature of the way we run elections. We lost some great councillors, not just from the council chamber but also from this mortal coil. These councillors were stalwarts for their electorate, bringing their communities together, driving change for the many.

I intend to honour them in this campaign and if I am successfully elected, I intend to ensure that Grantham North West’s communities are brought together to deliver positive change, to support the needy and vulnerable. To enable hard working families & individuals to get on and build a secure future. To create an environment where investment, development & infrastructure go hand in hand with the needs and wants of our people.

I hope to secure your support for change and if you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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