Why the Tory “Big Conversation” is anything but!

This week saw the arrival of the “Big Conversation” in Grantham. The Tory Tour rolled into town with Cllr. Martin Hill (apparently a key decision maker), and Tory Police & Crime Commissioner candidate, Cllr. Richard Davies. 

These meetings are dressed up as a question & answer session where the Tories “listen” to the concerns of the ordinary people. The hope is that they will take away these concerns and let it influence their policy decisions. 

The key issue here is the track record of these two individuals does not fill you with confidence that they will change course or even hear what is being said. It is very easy to listen to people, but much harder to hear & act on what they have said. 

All you have to do is look back at what these two, along with their Tory colleagues have done over the last 4 years despite many people shouting from the rooftops that they should not. 

The changes to adult social care, the proposed closure of the care homes in Grantham, the academisation of every one of our secondary schools, the dilution of the local education authority, the outsourcing of 100’s of jobs, the review conducted to save money which ended up costing more, the use of £22,000 to ferry three students to Cambridgeshire for a year. 

Simple things that have been asked about for years, such as a proper pedestrian crossing at the London Road/Springfield Road/Bridge End road crossroads & the east-west bypass have either suffered years of procrastination or have been forgotten about completely. 

So remember, they will appear to “listen”, they will nod along, they will agree with your comments and may even explain how they would do something different. However, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating. Only their actions will show whether they have really heard what you have said. As previously mentioned, their track record does not offer any hope that they will.


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