Seems I have been away for nearly a month

Just took a look at my blog, and I haven’t posted on here for a while. I was told when I first started blogging, I should keep writing regularly, so I didn’t get distracted. However that is just what has happened.

Mind you, think I have a couple of good reasons.

Firstly, I have just recently discovered I have been put at risk of redundancy. That means by Mid-October, it will be likely that I won’t be working for Virgin Media any more.

Secondly, I have been pre-occupied with a lot of local politicking considering we are getting very close to the 2013 County Council elections in Lincolnshire, and the police commissioner elections are warming up nicely.

More about the local politics in other posts, but first my redundancy.

I will have been with Virgin Media for 10 years in October. My son will be 10 years old in October. I will be starting a new job in October (fingers crossed). I have had time to reflect on this, and have come to realise that there is a certain symmetry to these events in my life.

10 years ago, my life was in a state of flux. Baby arrived, started a new job and moved house all in the space of 2 months. That period of my life was the most stressful, the most nerve-wracking, and turned out to be the most joyous time. Over the last 10 years, I have progressed well in my job, looked after my family,  have got involved in the local community and satisfied my political yearnings in local and national politics.

10 years on, I find myself at a new junction in my life. I now also have a daughter, I am now married. My children are making their way through school, and I have done so much. Decisions are now going to have to be made. These will not always be comfortable, but they will be the best ones for my family.

I won’t lie and say I am looking forward to this. The priority has to be my family. However, so many people have said that these kind of scenarios can be the making of you, gives you the opportunity to strike out and achieve the most you can be.

I prefer to see this as an opportunity to move on to some new pastures, but also to rededicate myself to my family and the future for my children.

Here is to the next 10 years.


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