My article for the Grantham Journal (published 18th May 2012)

Take a look at my article written for the Grantham Journal (18-05-2012) on the subject of anti-scocial behaviour:

Over recent weeks, we have seen more articles appear in the Journal seemingly point to an increase in anti-social behaviour in areas of Grantham. So much so that even our “out of touch” MP Nick Boles feels the need to mention it in his column.

What I do object to is the characterisation that “anti-social” behaviour has been previously characterised as insignificant or not important. This shows a massive disrespect to the police officers and community workers who work hard to prevent this from happening.

I live in the centre of town, and have witnessed first-hand the impacts of drunken and drug affected behaviour. Just a few days ago, I was taking my dog for a walk and discovered a semi-conscious girl lying on a wet path. She had literally fallen out of a house on to the street, and a man who lived in that house was shouting abuse at her. An ambulance was called and she was treated. I see these things happening, and I see the ambulance workers, the police officers and the support workers picking up the pieces. I see them working hard in our schools, in our colleges and in our communities to help ensure that people respect where they live, help respect their neighbours and deliver safer communities for us all.

I will not pretend to suggest I have the answers on preventing all anti-social behaviour, as I don’t believe that any one solution will fit it all. Whether that is the “less welfare, more prisons” mentality of Cllr. Richard Davies, or the rationalisation of someone’s behaviour based on their environment. I believe a tailored approach to crime fighting is the most appropriate. This is something that is already being done within Lincolnshire Police.

The key to success is providing support and assistance to the police, to the health professionals and to the support workers making sure they have the proper resources to do the job. This is what I will do and I would urge everyone to do.

Together, a community problem can be met by a community solution.


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