Tory MEP Giles Chichester insists poverty is self-inflicted

Today, I saw an outrageous response from a South West Conservative MEP to what I consider a very polite letter from one of his constituents. The letter was written by Paul Rooke (!/paulrooke10) and I have included it below: Thank you for taking the time to read my letter to you. I am extremely concerned that today nearly 4 million children are living in poverty in the UK (after housing costs) and this figure looks set to rise significantly with the unfair austerity measures and cuts being forced on us at the moment. I’m sure you will agree that Parents … Continue reading Tory MEP Giles Chichester insists poverty is self-inflicted

My article for the Grantham Journal (published 18th May 2012)

Take a look at my article written for the Grantham Journal (18-05-2012) on the subject of anti-scocial behaviour: Over recent weeks, we have seen more articles appear in the Journal seemingly point to an increase in anti-social behaviour in areas of Grantham. So much so that even our “out of touch” MP Nick Boles feels the need to mention it in his column. What I do object to is the characterisation that “anti-social” behaviour has been previously characterised as insignificant or not important. This shows a massive disrespect to the police officers and community workers who work hard to prevent … Continue reading My article for the Grantham Journal (published 18th May 2012)

The Academies Show in London

Today, I took myself off to London to go to the Academies Show with a couple of colleagues to take a look at what is involved in the Academy business and if any answers can be found over whether conversion is a good thing or not. It has always been my opinion that there needs to be a compelling argument to change for a school to make the leap from the local authority to become an academy. A simple financial incentive is not enough for me. I need to be convinced that the education of the children will be inexorably … Continue reading The Academies Show in London