Article on Nick Boles generates interesting response

Since my article in last week’s Journal was published, I have received an interesting response from some of my twitter followers. Below are a selection of quotes received:

“Good article… Little point having local MP’s if they don’t fairly represent their local communities”

“Top Column. Boles is using his seat for other things and not for his constituents”

“If thin air was the Tory candidate in this constituency, it would still win. No wonder Nick Boles doesn’t represent Grantham”.

“Great article… Hate the fact that Nick Boles was dumped on us just because it’s ‘safe’ in Grantham. Should add I’m not the biggest fan of your boys at the moment either though”.

As you can see from the last quote, these are not just views from the Labour community, these views span the political divide and point to one thing that everyone wants from their MP. That is, they want someone to represent them and fight their corner.

Looking at Nick Boles’ past career and his likely trajectory, I do believe that our constituency will be worse off having a part-time MP, more interested in carving out a Westminster/political career rather than being the voice for his constituents.

However, you do have your voice. Use the poll on the right of this page to register your view, and let me know whether you believe that Nick Boles is “out of touch” or not with the needs of the local communities.

I look forward to your responses.


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