Lincolnshire County Council is splashing the cash

Last week saw the revelation that Lincolnshire County Council had splashed out £22,000 for taxis to ferry three students to college.

£22,000! A figure that the Taxpayers Alliance calls “not value for taxpayer’s money”. Not exactly a strong condemnation but at least a rebuke. This figure equates to £125 per day for a 100 mile round trip.

To defend this spend, Cllr. Patricia Bradwell said that because they live in a rural community they “don’t have a good system of buses”. This is the responsibility of herself and her council colleagues to ensure that the rural communities are connected. There is even no evidence that they have even considered other options such as connecting to other public transport options. This just seems like a quick fix that has wasted thousands of pounds.

It seems that Lincolnshire County Council have got plenty of funds to splash out on taxis for these students, but leave other residents of Lincolnshire without adequate transport connections. For those who do have bus connections, they are facing steep fare rises and declining service levels making it harder and harder for them to remain connected.

This story shines a revealing light on how Lincolnshire County Council like to spend taxpayer’s money. Unfortunately, it shows that they should be spending a lot more wisely.


One thought on “Lincolnshire County Council is splashing the cash

  1. I particularly enjoy facts like this in the face of students’ bus passes doubling in price this year, in spite of the loss of EMA payments to the majority of the college’s learners. Our council is serving us well once again.

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