Lincolnshire County Council to set aside £30m for Grantham Relief Road

On the 7th of February, the executive of Lincolnshire County Council will be given a budget proposal. This proposal has been out in the public domain for a few weeks to gather comments from the public. These comments will then be forwarded to the Executive to help them make a decision on whether they should accept this proposal. All fine so far. However, what is surprising is a small bullet point, tucked away at the back of the report on page 9 under “Capital Programme”.

This bullet point reads:

  • Grantham Southern Relief Road (2013/14 to 2016/17) at £30m

So, with one small bullet point Lincolnshire County Council have finally got around to proposing a significant contribution to a much-needed relief road for Grantham.

I have been arguing for a while that we have become the forgotten child of Lincolnshire, where other areas of the county receive support & infrastructure, Grantham gets left behind. And it seems now that LCC has given in to the pressure to make a massive step forward in delivering a more prosperous town.

In one of my posts from August 2011, I called on the Grantham councillors to pull their finger out and start seriously lobbying for LCC support for the Grantham Southern Relief road. I am not sure how much of this decision is down to them, or whether the fact that it is 12 months before County Council elections played a role in securing the funds. The point is now that LCC are now proposed to commit £30m over a 4 year period. Hopefully, this will be enough to secure the support of the 3rd Party developers. Support that is needed to ensure this project is realised.


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