Why Luke Bozier’s defection to the Tories doesn’t really matter?

Or “Making mountains out of mole hills” if you prefer.

I read with interest the overnight news that leading blogger and former Labour Party member Luke Bozier was joining the Conservative Party. This is his right, he can seek any political affiliation he wishes.

His actions are likely to be applauded and celebrated by the Conservative Party, using this to attempt to affirm that their policies are socially progressive. His actions are likely to inspire “Good Riddance” and “we never liked him anyway” responses from the Labour Party.

An inappropriate reaction to this news would be The Labour Party sinking into further introspection and infighting, desperately trying to define their actions by previous ideologies such as Blairites, or Brownites.

The Labour Party has, and always will be a broad church of ideas. Bringing together the far left ideas of nationalisation and full employment, to the more centrist policies of public service reform and business friendly legislation. If the Labour Party loses the ability to attract a large cross-section of today’s society with a constant internal struggle for power, then we will have no-one else to blame but ourselves.

So, remember Tories like Louise Mensch MP will always attempt to rub salt in the wounds created by defections such as today. It is important to say that Louise Mensch went through a similar epiphany herself, previously being a member of the Labour Party. However, this should not detract us from our real goal. Which is representing the people of the UK with socially progressive policies, standing up for people who are suffering under the economic plans of Messrs Cameron and Osbourne, building relationships with the disenfranchised and the vulnerable, and setting out a vision for a more positive and fair future.


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