Let’s code like it is 1989

Information technology classes were a wonderful thing for me when I was a child. In 1989 I turned twelve. BBC masters were the school computer of choice (at my school anyway) and BASIC was the programming language.

In my IT classes I first learned how to code, I discovered gaming (not just playing, but making), I discovered the rudimentary concepts behind hacking as well as working on the wordprocessing software of the day. It also started my love affair with tech, which is still going strong 22 years later. Many of my friends that I grew up with went on to be web designers, programmers and analysts and continue to drive that industry forward.

So when I look at today’s news that the ICT curriculum will be overhauled, I welcome anything that will inspire a new generation of children who will push the boundaries of hardware, software and design the next generation of tech that I will shell out my hard-earned cash for when I’m in my fifties.

Children today should have the resources not only to learn about the software in commercial use, but also to break that software open and see how it works. Using resources from across the world, our children should be able to stand on the shoulders of geniuses and become the innovators of tomorrow.

I look forward to see how this will impact my children’s curriculum and hopefully even though there is significant upheaval in the education sector at the moment with the relentless pressure to convert to academy status, the changes required to provide a word class ICT curriculum will be realised.


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