Lincolnshire County Council to set aside £30m for Grantham Relief Road

On the 7th of February, the executive of Lincolnshire County Council will be given a budget proposal. This proposal has been out in the public domain for a few weeks to gather comments from the public. These comments will then be forwarded to the Executive to help them make a decision on whether they should accept this proposal. All fine so far. However, what is surprising is a small bullet point, tucked away at the back of the report on page 9 under “Capital Programme”. This bullet point reads: Grantham Southern Relief Road (2013/14 to 2016/17) at £30m So, with … Continue reading Lincolnshire County Council to set aside £30m for Grantham Relief Road

How to spend your money?

It’s that time of year again. Resolutions are being arduously stuck to, or completely forgotten about depending on your disposition. Pay day is about a week away for most, making today potentially the first depressing day of the year. It is also the time when the powers at be are feverishly putting the final touches to their budgets for the coming years and look to demonstrate to the public their priorities when spending your hard-earned tax-pennies. Now Lincolnshire County Council has put out its budget proposals, and more on those in another post. However when you click on the link you are … Continue reading How to spend your money?

Why Luke Bozier’s defection to the Tories doesn’t really matter?

Or “Making mountains out of mole hills” if you prefer. I read with interest the overnight news that leading blogger and former Labour Party member Luke Bozier was joining the Conservative Party. This is his right, he can seek any political affiliation he wishes. His actions are likely to be applauded and celebrated by the Conservative Party, using this to attempt to affirm that their policies are socially progressive. His actions are likely to inspire “Good Riddance” and “we never liked him anyway” responses from the Labour Party. An inappropriate reaction to this news would be The Labour Party sinking into … Continue reading Why Luke Bozier’s defection to the Tories doesn’t really matter?

Nick Boles, PMQ’s and overstating statistics

So Nick Boles MP popped up at the end of Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday and asked “Does the prime minister think that it is OK for people to receive over £100,000 in housing benefit alone”? Louise Mench MP immediately shouted “Shame, Shame” with all the right-wing vigour of a populist Daily Mail reader. Now this figure is very eye-catching. As George Osboure MP found out in June 2010, Theresa May MP found out in November 2010 and Grant Shapps MP found out in December 2010 there is a lot of political mileage in a figure like this, as it gives the impression that … Continue reading Nick Boles, PMQ’s and overstating statistics

Let’s code like it is 1989

Information technology classes were a wonderful thing for me when I was a child. In 1989 I turned twelve. BBC masters were the school computer of choice (at my school anyway) and BASIC was the programming language. In my IT classes I first learned how to code, I discovered gaming (not just playing, but making), I discovered the rudimentary concepts behind hacking as well as working on the wordprocessing software of the day. It also started my love affair with tech, which is still going strong 22 years later. Many of my friends that I grew up with went on … Continue reading Let’s code like it is 1989

Responsible Capitalism

I read with interest Chuka Umunna outlining The Labour Party view of capitalism in the 21st Century. Increased transparency on remuneration, obligations for  investors and pension funds to disclose how they vote on executive pay deals. It is good to see that The Labour Party recognise the massive disconnects that can be created when reward and remuneration is not linked to performance, or is linked to activities that directly impact the UK economy in a negative way. The new focus on a “responsible capitalism” reminds me of a speech given by Bill Gates in 2008 to the Davos Annual Meeting, outlining what he called … Continue reading Responsible Capitalism

Grantham & Margaret Thatcher

There has been a lot of talk recently in the press about Margaret Thatcher and her legacy. Obviously, the new film The Iron Lady has raised Lady Thatcher in the mind of the world, and with her ailing health and the current political environment, her legacy continues to dominate political debate. There are two areas that interest me, The Labour Party’s attitude to the former prime minister, and how Grantham should recognise her achievements on a local level. Firstly, the Labour Party should recognise Lady Thatcher’s greatest achievement. That is the breaking through a male dominated environment to become the … Continue reading Grantham & Margaret Thatcher