Bypassing the issue

So here we are.

No more than 10 days after Mark Heaton, the Area Highways manager for Lincolnshire announced the possibility of LCC providing the funding shortfall to help finance the long overdue bypass for Grantham, Lincolnshire County Council has announced it will underwrite the third-party shortfall for the Lincoln Eastern Bypass, taking the total they will spend on this project to £47,000,000. (See the BBC news report)

Now, I am sure there is a business case for this, and no doubt there would be a benefit to this scheme, but the question has to be had the Grantham county councillors missed a trick?

Is it possible that the Grantham bypass plans could have gone through the same process? Is it possible that the Grantham County councillors could have taken a lead on this project and supported the drafting of proposals to the County Council to see if they would underwrite the third party shortfall that surely exists. Or is Grantham fast becoming the forgotten corner of south Lincolnshire?

Also, one final question remains. Now the County Council have now committed to spending these funds if the project is approved, could they now afford to part fund a project for Grantham?


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